Yesterday had my driving lesson yesterday. It was my the other instructor, Mr Tang. He is a good instructor that always point out my slightest mistake which from my point of view I think is excellent as I can aim for perfection. The only thing I don’t like about him is he is very sarcastic and he don’t like me to argue back with him. Sighz.

Was early for 2 whole hours, so had dinner at Marina Square and walked around Raffles City. Got some Christmas Presents for my friends too.

Met up with StealthDragon and his friends to discuss about the website that I am going to help them create. From City Hall went all the way to Geylang just to eat Nasi Lemak and the Nasi Lemak taste normal, but it is cheap.

Slept at 5am today because I played CS the whole night. It was kinda fun as the people inside is friendly. I got like 80 frags and 72 deaths. I just hate those people who implemented shield in CS, it is so unbalanced because nothing can penetrate through it. Must as well give terrorists a rocket launcher or something.

Woke up at 3pm and went out with Zhi Wei to scout for Restaurant to dine in during Christmas Eve. First went to Marina Square for dinner as I am starving. The queue for the minced pork noodle is SO LONG, but nevertheless I queued because I believed that good food have to wait.

Went to Orchard Area to look for Christmas presents. It was raining so heavily so have to run in the rain from one shopping center to the other. I heard that they are going to link the whole of Orchard together in the near future, saw the plan in Life! quite sometime ago. Went to Heeren and chatted with Lynn for a while, she is working on Christmas Eve and on Christmas day itself. Poor thing.

Today really spend almost 2 hours waiting for buses, was very very pissed off. Argh, can’t wait to the days that I have a license.

Hmmm, I always find the preparation of festive seasons is the fun part, but when the day come, it is quite boring. So it is always the planning of such seasons that make it interesting and enjoyable!

Been raining for almost everyday for the whole day, almost every shopping center is crowded with people, almost every road leading to those shopping centers is jammed with cars. It is the Christmas Season.