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TP Test Booked

Went for my driving yesterday, it was smooth and I hope my standard can be constant till after my Traffic Police Test which will be on 8th January at 2.45pm. Wish me luck guys and girls.

Came home took a long nap and finally caught enough sleep to make my life back to normal again. Started work for my “About Section” for my version 2.0. It is now completed. I just find it very plain, but I see what can I add. I aim for every page to have valid XHTML [1] to meet the standards of W3C. Something like an ISO thing.

Today, went to visit my auntie and my grandfather at Toa Payoh, been a few months since I last visited them because almost every Saturday I have been going out.

Started work on my “Image Gallery”, just modify the codes I have from my previous version to make it more efficient.

Hmmm….nothing much to add also. Back to work!