Met up with Hui Juan earlier yesterday at City Hall to exchange Christmas Gifts. Soon after, meet up with the rest of the people, Jacky, Serene, Geargina, Suqin and LiXiang. We had dinner at Breeks at Marina Square. Each person is around $30 bucks and the food is quite okie, not fantastic though. The restaurant is really packed but luckily thanks to my mom who helped me reserved a table, we do not need to queue.

After dinner, we walked to Suntec City, saw some LOTR swords at Caesar Place, it was very nice. Suqin was so tempted to buy the LOTR the ring which cost around $30.

We sat down on the floor behind Carrefour for a talk or rather some rest as most of the people going to KO. At around 11.15pm we went off to Esplanade to see the fire works. Boy, it was REALLY PACKED, we really have a hard time walking to the center of it with the Amphitheater was. But our efforts to pay off, when left 10 seconds to 2004, all the people shouted and countdown together, the atmosphere was great. Once the clock hit 12mn, you can hear all sort of sounds, ranging from can sprays to whistling. Soon after, 10 minutes of FANTASTIC firework displays lit up the sky. It was one of the best firework displays I had ever seen. Suqin took photos of it, while I took a whole 10 minutes video of it.

After the fireworks display ended, we also have problems exiting from Esplanade, because there is so much people trying to do the same thing, and the bottleneck is the automatic door of Esplanade.

Geargina’s dad came to fetch us(Jacky, Suqin and I), as we are going to Geargina place to play mahjong. While Serene and LiXiang needed to work later, they went home to rest.

We played till 5.30am and I really cannot make it due to a having a flu, soon after I KOed. Slept till 10am and I ask my parents to fetch me home. Took a bath and continue sleeping till 8pm. Feel so good after that.

Top 10 Things I looking Forward To In 2004:

» 1. Getting my Driving License
» 2. Renovating My House
» 3. Louis Vuitton Wallet
» 4. Game: Half-Life 2
» 5. Game: Doom 3
» 6. Movie: Resident Evil 2
» 7. Movie: The Day After Tomorrow
» 8. Movie: Spiderman 2
» 9. Gadgets: 3G Handphones
» 10. Software: Microsoft Windows Longhorn Beta

From number 2 to 9 is just secondary, most importantly I hope to get my driving license!

*Update* Thanks to Alvin, Sheena and Jacky for the lovely Christmas Cards. Thanks to Jacky for the 3 Crystals Angels, thanks to Geargina for 2 Evirobs, thanks to Xiu Yu for the Lilo And Stitch poster and thanks to Hui Juan for the Chalk pouch.