Yesterday, had my driving lesson. It was the sarcastic instructor, but at least this time he did not pick on me all the time because I correct what he told me is wrong from the previous lesson and that seems to be the way to stop him.

Met up with Jacky, Serene, Laily and Laily Sister to watch LOTR: The Return Of The King again. I bought a Adidas shoe, white shoe with black stripes. Cost me $107 after 10% discount for the Heer Card. I simply love the card and I can say it is very worth it even if you are paying $15 for it.

Walk round Orchard Road and headed towards Scotts’s foodcourt for dinner. We ate Pasta Mania, sometimes eating too much pasta, you can get really sick of it.

Today, went out with Jacky to shop around Orchard. He bought a Levis Jeans, a unique watch from Takashimaya and a sling bag. I bought a fossil watch with Chinese characters on it. It is very unique, paid $138 for it.

Met up with Laily and her sister at Esplanade then we went to Sentosa to watch the Musical Fountain. It was very spectacular. The image projected out by the laser is sharp and so life-like. Really take my hats off to those person who created the software. Such a small world, saw Ron and his family just outside the musical fountain.

WordPress 1.0 is out, but it has lots of bugs. I can’t even get it to upgrade from b2. Much really modify the code.