Today, is the first day of Internship Training Program. I am supposed to do a E-Learning website. Something like the blackboard but just smaller in scale. Today spend most of the time designing the database. Shall be coding it in PHP with MYSQL, if possible I will try to use OOP(Object Oriented Programming) method.

Went out for lunch with my mom at Amara Hotel. Simply love the Korean food there, it is cheap and very delicious. Did some coding for this site, now the archives, calendar stats are done. I shall build up this site bit by bit.

Had dinner at Hans at Great Eastern building. After dinner, went to walked around China Town. It was fairly crowded as it is a Monday. Nothing much to see actually. The stalls there are almost the same. Is like they have 10 stalls selling the same thing all over the few streets. But I can feel the atmosphere there.

Tomorrow will be meeting my liaison officer and will be going to GMTI Building at CommonWealth to oversee the uploading of our FYP on the live server and make sure nothing goes wrong.

Hows ITP guys and girls?