Went to GMTI Building at CommonWealth to transfer my FYP to the live server. Now it is live on the Internet. URL is http://www.imh.com.sg/quietroom. On my way there saw JingWei. He is meeting Calvin at Bugis. After the transferring of my FYP, went to Bugis to meet them to play CS.

Met up with JunXian and CheeWee for dinner opposite Tiong Bahru Plaza. Ate the Ban Mian, taste quite ok. On our way to Tiong Bahru Plaza, saw YongTang. He joined us. Actually 4 of them wanted to watch LOTR: The Return Of The King till they meet YongTang and I. So end up we went China Town instead. Haha, feel so bad but I think is heaven’s will because it is too coincidental.

China Town was even more crowded today. Saw some performance by a Kung Fu Master, it was kinda scary. ShiMing met up with us and then went to Maxwell Market for supper. The funny thing is that no one really organize this outing today and it just comes so naturally.

Today, completed installing and the configuring the server and software needed to run my ITP properly. Last time it used to take me 1 hour just to configure Apache, PHP and MYSQL, now it takes less than 10 minutes. The more you play around with the softwares, the better you are in it.

Completed the coding for wp-stats.php and wp-wap.php. Now you are able to view my blog over your mobile phone.

The URL is http://www.pixel-junkies.net/kore/gamerz/wap.php

If you are in the bus or mrt or waiting for bus or mrt, just give it a read. =)