Finally I did some exercise today with my secondary school friends. Went to jog for 2 rounds at Queenstown Stadium’s track and swam a few laps at the Queenstown Swimming Complex. Did some sun-tanning and now my whole body got sun-burn, hot hot hot.

After these exercise went for a feast at Seoul Garden in Great World City. I think whatever I exercise today will be back again because of Seoul Garden. Been more than 6 months since I last ate at Seoul Garden. I think the last time I ate at Seoul Garden was at the Pixel Junkies outing. Ordered tom yum soup as the soup based, and it taste rather saltish. Maybe the taste has been neutralized by the salted vegetables and sze chun vegetables that I had added in the soup.

I got lots of programming stuffs that I really want/need to do. WordPress Advanced Search, WordPress Who’s Online, WordPress Polls, WordPress Shoutbox and my ITP project. I hope I am able to put my ITP project on my first priority because currently I am not able to do so as I keep coding add-ons to WordPress.

Will be going to get a pair of Black Type-One Levis jeans from Heeren tomorrow with my secondary school friends.

And on Sunday, I will be going to Sentosa to get more sun-tan.