This morning while I was sleeping, I was awoken by my brother saying that my driving license had arrived. I was so happy but I was quite tired so I did not jump out of my bed, just woke up slowly. Opened the letter and saw a short letter which contains a small paragraph of text and my driving license is just attached below it. My picture on the driving license was not very clear because BBDC photo taking machine SUCKS. My friend ask me to report lost and pay $20 for a new license. LOL

Met up with Calvin, Victor and JingWei for shopping, although we spent more time sitting down at Heeren’s Spinelli, Cineleisure’s Burger King and Wheellock’s Coffee Bean. We talk about lots of stuffs, army, anime, final fantasy, cars, driving, girls and relationship. Saw Lynn at Spinelli too with her manager. Think she was having a metting. It was quite interesting. One thing for sure, guys can never beat girls in shopping, they can walk the whole day without resting.

Bought a black Levi’s type-one jeans from Heeren. After 10% discount is $98. Nowadays shopping centers have toilets that are so style and clean, it really impress me. Especially those shopping centers in Orchard Road.

By the way, OG had opened a new branch at the newly renovated Orchard Point. Not too sure whether they will move the branch at Orchard Emerald to there.

Will be going to Sentosa tomorrow. =D