Woke up quite early today for breakfast at Cartel at Plaza Singapure. At least the service there is so much better and faster than Suntec’s branch. The Plaza Singapore’s branch is the main branch. It is opened by my brother’s table tennis coach, while on the other hand the Sunte’s branch is a franchise.

Met up with my secondary school friends for our Sentosa’s Beach outing. We went to Siloso Beach. Did pretty much the standard stuffs, play with water, Frisbee, soccer, volleyball, sun-tanning and of course looking at girls.

We left quite early at about 4pm as it looks like it is going to rain heavy anytime and it will be crowded at the bathing room around 5pm. We went to the hawker center at Harbour Front and had our early dinner. Most of us had a few rounds of eating. Mac Donald’s is celebrating their 25th Anniversary and they selling each ice cream cone at only 25 cents!

Tomorrow will be going down to GMTI Building to transfer the database on the testing server to the live server as alot of information had been added to the testing server by my client during the testing phrase. Really must get started on my ITP project. Been slacking too long.

Now my whole body is really RED.

By the way, why is sea-water salty?