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Site Updates January 2004

I have no idea, how come suddenly Pixel-Junkies MYSQL server is giving me error today. Yesterday it was fine till today. Anyway the problem has been fixed. It is due to a “DISTINCT” keyword in the SQL Query. I hope nothing goes wrong after deleting the keyword because from what I see, it makes no difference whether there is a distinct keyword or not. I still find it very weird because the error came out of no where. No idea whether it is the MYSQL Server problem or the code problem.

Here are a list of site changes:

» Fixed Some Site’s Bugs And Did Some Tweaking In The Site Codes.
» Added In Advanced Search Feature To WordPress
» Added In Archive Feature To WordPress
» Added In Calendar Feature To WordPress
» Add In Blog Stats Feature To WordPress
» Add In Last Visit Feature To WordPress
» Updated Winamp Playlist, Desktop Screenshot

Stuffs left to do:

» Modify Polls As An Add-On To WordPress
» Code ShoutBox From Scratch As An Add-On To WordPress
» Modify User Online As An Add-On To WordPress
» Finished Up The PortFolio Section
» Add More Links To The Link Section
» Add In My Gadgets Page To About Section

There should be about it.

*Update* I found the error, it is due to Pixel-Junkies Server do not have enough harddisk space to support the SQL Query.