Yesterday fixed some serious bug that went though me un-noticed in the wp-archives.php page. When you enter the page, it will generate 644 MYSQL queries.

Had lunch with my mom and brother at Great World City. I drove my mom’s car there. When parking in the car-park, my engine went dead 3 times. I hate Manual Transmission Car because I am no car enthusiast. I just want to get from point A to point B in the shortest and easiest way and that is what I think car is made for.

Met up with my secondary school friends for our annual Chinese New Year Dinner. We had Ramen at this restaurant located at 2nd level of Tiong Bahru Plaza, there is also another branch at Far East Square. I am not too sure of the name. Suddenly I realize that Tiong Bahru Plaza has really ALOT of things to eat when compared to last time.

Had our “lou hei” at the coffeeshop opposite Tiong Bahru Plaza. That people from that stall really have attitude problem. If you happen to go there and eat, you should get what I mean.

Every year the number of friends eating Chinese New Year Dinner together is getting lesser and lesser. Is a sad thing, guess all of us have our own stuffs to manage now.