Yesterday, had a steamboat dinner at Marina South with Serene and Co. I think our guest-of-honor is Terry because seldom get to go out with him. We tired the one at Super Bowl. They have alot of variety and I think the food is also nicer than that of Dragon Inn. No wonder the Super Bowl one is always crowded with people. They even have live prawns and crabs. The table we sat at is a little far from the food section, thus I think we eat very little as least for me. I still think all of us talk more than we eat because we have lots of catching up to do.

Woke up at 10.30am today to go and collect my scholarship from “An Hai Association”. They ask us to be there at 11am but they start at 12pm. But the 1 hour wait is worth it. They did not state how much is the scholarship, but when I receive it, I got a shock. It is $600, and that is why I say the wait is worth it. =D

Met up with Jacky and Zhi Wei to buy Laily’s birthday present at Orchard Road. Saw my quite chio cousin working at 77th Street in Heeren because she had quit her job from Far East Plaza. On my way back, I missed bus 123, then decided to sit down at Emerald’s Mos Burger to get a drink because bus 123 waiting time is around 15-30 minutes. After sitting a while, went down, missed another bus 123. It is the first time in my life that I missed 2 buses of the same number. Crap.

Fetched my brother to tuition and while at the carpark, did LOTS of parking practice. Had dinner at the Cantonese kitchen in East Point, the food and service seems good. I find East Point shopping center very run-down, even worst than Tiong Bahru’s Plaza.

I don’t know but nowadays when I drive I get frustrated easily because my parents is always warning me, like “slow down in front got car, taxi stopping slow down”. I know they meant me well, but sometimes it can really lead to frustration. I know their perception/reaction/observation is far better than me because they have been driving since 18 for my mom and 20 for my dad. That is why I always got no chance to react to the hazard before they warn me. All these really come experience. On a lighter note, I find the parking skills we learn from our driving lesson is really USELESS outside. Because it is pretty lame to put poles outside when you park because you do not have the time to count how many rounds turn left how many rounds turn right. Is all about estimation.

I will be going to collect another scholarship in the morning and in the afternoon will be going to Serene’s house tomorrow to celebrate Laily’s birthday. She is celebrating her 21st birthday. See she is old. =p

Happy 21st Birthday Laily!!!