Woke up early yesterday and went to take my scholarship from Singapore Toys and Confectionery Association. It is a $500 scholarship. But rather this is an unforgettable event. I will explain it.

The Singapore Toys and Confectionery Association is located at one of the street in Geylang, there are no more parking lot along that street so I proceed on to the next street. Saw a parallel parking lot so I went in. As the lot is beside the construction site, I felt it is not safe. So I moved off bit by bit till my car is 1/4 out of the parking lot. Then suddenly one taxi traveling straight hit my car front part. It was a very minor accident. Both parties is at fault but due to the fact that straight road have the right of the way, 90% is my fault. I am at fault because I did not see the taxi as I thought 1/4 of my car is out and most people will give way to you. The taxi is at fault because it is traveling at a very fast speed in a very narrow lane. When I say very fast I mean at least 60km/h because after hitting my car’s front part, the taxi still did not stop completely but continue to move on and that explains why there is a long scratch on his car. Luckily my mom was around and can settle it with him as I got no experience in this. The worst part is that I dreamed I got involved in a car accident also where 1 car knock into my car behind the previous night. Talk about Deja vu

Went for lunch at HANS in Great Eastern Life Building then went to IDAC Portdown at Alexandra Road. The taxi driver agreed to send his car to my mom’s friend workshop and we pay for it. As for my dad’s car, he say he may not want to fix it as the car will be scrap 3 years later. My parents were very supportive and say that “Accident Is Part And Parcel Of Driving”.

Zhi Wei came my house and I drove to Serene’s house. First time I drove without my parents, first time I visited Serene’s House and Lester Goh’s house. Had a BBQ session at the park opposite Serene’s house. Had quite a enjoyable time talking, eating and seeing how Laily is being Saboed. I really pity her. So I think my birthday must be held at a restaurant because it is much safer. LOL.

After the eating of cake, sent Geargina, Suqin, Jackey and Zhi Wei home. Nearly lost my way after sending Suqin off, but luckily she called up after that. When it comes to driving, I really have a bad sense of direction. Haha.

Laily, if you are reading this, sorry I could not stay over for the night and thanks alot for the wonderful BBQ session. We definitely have other chances to stay overnight one, I promised. =)