Been a long time since I last overslept, maybe the weather today is good to sleep or I am just plain tired or my alarm clock is spoiled. Suppose to meet Xiu Yu at 10am but I woke up at 9.30pm. But luckily my mom woke up on time and ask me whether I want a ride to Marina Square, and due to that I was late for only 5 minutes. I think Xiu Yu can be considered the most punctual girl in DMMT because every time go out with her she is always on time. =p

Had the $1.80 Sausage McMuffin With Egg for breakfast and watch The Last Samurai at GV Marina. The show last for around 2 hours and 30 minutes, and yes the show rocks. So far all my friends who watched the show, said it was good. At first I thought it was just another crap movie, but after watching it, it was nice. The show tells us alot about honor and the last battle was touching. They did not use much special effects, maybe only for the start of the movie and I think ALOT of casts are involved because of the battle.

Had my lunch at NYDC because I did not bring enough cash and I only can rely on restaurant that accept Visa. I got sicked of Kenny Rogers food, thus NYDC came to my mind.

Finally bought my original Final Fantasy VII from PK Computers at Suntec. I got another original copy which I bought in 1998, but I have no idea which friend of my borrowed it from me and after that I never saw it again. I just hate people who borrowed stuffs and will not automatically returned. Imagine 6 years later and I still can’t find my previous copy of FF7. Next time a web based borrowing system should proved useful.

My User’s Online script is almost done, maybe I will upload it tomorrow or day after tomorrow, but for now I need to fill up 2 weeks worth of log entries in my Internship log book.