Met up with my Liaison Officer today in SP at the café. He need some help on how to install Apache, PHP and MYSQL. Also showed him the work that I have done so far. He seems to be satisfied with my work so far. Went to meet Geargina in 2055 to take back my Heer Card.

Came back, played abit of Final Fantasy VII. The game have some compatibility issues with Windows XP and ATI Radeon 9800 but thanks to Google, I managed to find a good site which provides all the necessary patches. 6 Years ago FFVII I find that the graphics is good and running in 640×480 is the best. 6 years later (now) I find the graphics is average and the resolution is too low for my LCD monitor to displayed it properly. No choice but to bare with it because I just love FFVII.

Talked to one of my best friends for more than 10 years. We are from the same primary school. He is a FFVII expert, he still got the saved files which dated back to 1998. He did sent me once back in 1998, but guessed I had lost the files. His character is level 99 and have all the summons, and I just want to play around with it. I love bullying those monsters.

Went for my mom’s company Chinese New Year dinner somewhere near UE Square. It is a teochew restaurant. The food there is average but is very expensive, not to mention the restaurant is VERY noisy because it was very crowded. Noise pollution.

I will be having another Chinese New Year dinner together with my mom and the boss of Thai Glico at Wan Hao. Every year, this is one of my favorite day because when it comes to food the boss of Thai Glico is very picky and he only want the best of the best regardless of the price, that is why one table for ten people cost more than $1K. All the delicacies. Yummy!