Yesterday, went to NYDC at Holland Village for lunch. Wanted to order the Mushroom side dish, but it wasn’t ready. Ever since Geargina ordered it during LiXiang Birthday, I am craving for it. =(

At night had dinner at China Square. Ate the famous fish soup there. It is opened by my secondary school friend’s father. But now he is in army. Once he ORD, he will be helping out the store.

After my dinner went to meet my secondary friends to ‘celebrate’ Jing Wei last day of freedom and a new life because he is going to army on the next day(which is today). We had quite alot of chat.

Tiong Bahru Plaza really changed alot, now the new foodcourt is ready and it is now under Kopitiam, last time was under Food Junction I think. The food court is much nicer and bigger but the number of stores I think remain the same. The toilets are also upgraded and it is SO MUCH cleaner compared to last time.

Been playing Unreal Tournament 2004 Demo these past few days, and it rocks. Love to drive those vehicles and run over people and the in-game commentator will say “Road Rage”, “Road Kill” or “Vehicular Manslaughter”. LOL