Met up with Patrick and Denis, my primary school classmates and friends for more than a decade. It is a rare occasion that both of them no need to report to camp today and it has been more than a year since we last met up.

We met up in Bugis for breakfast and proceed to Sim Lim Square because Denis wanted to get some computer accessories. It seem to me that the whole Sim Lim Square ran out of stock for the Infra Red besides ATF Multimedia, thus no choice but to get from there. Saw the Apple iPod 15GB going for $528, but if I want to get it I would go to the Apple Store in Wheelock Place. Maybe I shall pamper myself and buy myself a birthday present, because my friends ask me to enjoy yourself as much as you can before going in to army.

We spent most of the time talking is like 1 year worth of topic. One of the topic I can remembered clearly is that Denis tried to chased a girl, but she left for Australia. There is one thing he did for the girl that is very touching and so far none of the guys I know mention about it before. It is very original and is very touching. Shall use this tactic next time.

We left at around 3.30pm and I went to Denis house to help him set up his new Dell computer which came today. It has also been 6 years since I last went to his house. Alot of changes happened to Serangoon Gardens, it is so much nicer now and have lots of food to eat. It is like Holland Village.

Upon using the computer for the first few hours, 2 major things happened. One is the BSOD(Blue Screen OF Death), which is the first time I saw it on WinXP, it is the same problem as SP’s computer. The physical dump error. The next was the hanging of computer, not even the mouse cursor can move and that happen like 3 to 4 times. Not a very good start I must say.

Had my dinner at Cafe Cartel in Seragoon Garden and the service is fucked up. Waited 45 minutes for my dinner. Is the same case as Suntec’s Cafe Cartel where my family waited more than 45 minutes for our breakfast. The reason is because they only got 1 chef to cook food for the whole bloody restaurant. If next time I managed to open my cafe, I will grantee that my customer will get their food in 20 minutes of less else they no need to pay for the food.

Finally got back my Final Fantasy VIII guide book from Denis after I lent it to him in 1998.

Really miss those primary school days where we played block catching. LOL