Did nothing productive on Monday, I finally started to get sick of programming for the first time, because it is basically doing the same thing over and over again.

Today, met Up with Pei Jun for lunch at my house downstairs coffeeshop. Ate the Wan Ton Mee, been a few months since I ate that. She told me that her sister will become an official lawyer in May. Finally, I going to have a friend who is a lawyer. It is good to have friends from all kinds of trades. If I managed to see her around my house area, I shall ask her for a treat. LOL

Was switching channel and so coincidence I saw my fyp client, Dr Daniel Fung on Channel i, it is a live talk show, no idea what is the show name. This is the 2nd time I saw him on television. Now I feel so honored in helping him to do the Quietroom website.

So far I have coded more than 5.5K lines worth of codes including comments, quite a sense of satisfaction.

I think I decided to get an Apple iPod 15GB instead of the 20GB. It is because the price difference is $200 for the extra 5GB, Wired Remote Control, Carrying Case and Docking Station. I only need the Wired Remote Control and it only cost $68.90. That will be my birthday present for myself when I get my next pay in March.