Woke up at 7.30am for the first time since the start ITP. Met up with Xiu Yu and passed her the Adobe Creative Suite CD and had breakfast with her at Bukit Merah Mac Donalds. The assistant manager there was very polite and that is what I call good service.

Had lunch with my mom and brother at Swensens in Funan. Funan is holding some kind of robotics car racing competition, thus the first level is crowded with secondary school students. There are at least 12 20GB iPods kiosk around Funan for user to test out the iPod. I thought it was kinda cool of Apple. Played around with it and I like the navigation of the iPod. I can navigate through hundreds of songs easily. Hope can get my 15GB iPod before my birthday. My brother is influenced by me and I think he also getting one. He is much richer than me. Still finding a pouch or a small clip-on bag that can fit my mp3 player, wallet and keypouch.

Went to fetch my uncle friend from Kovan and on the way, we need to pass through CTE. There was A HUGE jam at around 3.15pm. There is an accident at Moulmein Road which involved 4 cars if I counted correctly. The 2nd car was so badly damaged, I think it skidded from the 2nd lane to the 1st lane and the cars on the 1st lane bang against the skidded car.

When we returned, the jam got worst, all the way from Outram to Moulmein, is like the whole CTE is flooded with cars. I think it can be considered the worst jam of all times.

Had my dinner at Liang Court and went to Clark Quay for a walk. Saw the GMax, and the business doesn’t look that good.