Went back to school yesterday for some World Skill Competition workshop. It is kinda lame and I know if it is going to be that lame, I rather stay at home and sleep. The whole workshop thing is about stress management, but I got no stress. As what William Hung had said, just give it your best and you will not have any regrets. For my trade there is 46 contestants, you can view it all here, my name is at the 2nd slot. If can get rid of 43 contestants, I will be the top 3 =p.

Went with Serene, Karen, Christopher, Laily and LiXiang to meet Jacky at Plaza Singapura for a movie. We caught Cold Mountain. The whole show last 2 hours and 45 minutes. Didn’t expect it to be that long. But overall the show is not bad. It is NC16 because of one lame RA scene if I am not wrong.

We had Ramen at Ajisen. It was my first time there and I like the ramen there. The soup and the noodles is fabulous. Applied the membership card for only $2 and have a 10% discount, because I foresee I will be going back again.

Went to Heeren and FourSkin t-shirts is on discount, bought 2 tees, one for $10 and one for $19. Jacky also bought 2, both at $19. The new design will be coming in 2 weeks from now.

Sometimes those electronics stores (not those big ones) can’t be trusted. I ask one store in Plaza Singapure the price of a 15GB iPod, the sales person answered me $580. I was like WTF? The official price given by Apple is $548, and that store is selling $32 more. Those shops deserved to be blacklisted.

Today, had breakfast with my family at Ng Ah Sio Bak Hut Teh because one of my uncle’s friend is going back to China tomorrow. Met up with Geargina in the afternoon for Ba Chou Mee lunch. Surprising the queue was kinda short. Went to Orchard Road after that. The new OG at Orchard Point is kinda big but as usual alot of aunties are there. Finally found a small bag that can be clip on my jean’s belt holder that I really like. It is from one of my favorite brand, Kipling. It cost me $33 after a discount.

Head towards the Apple Store at Wheelock Place. They are having some promotion, if you buy an iPod, you will get vouchers for the iPod Accessories. But you need to use the voucher on the same day. For 15GB, you will get a $40 voucher, 20GB is $60 voucher, 40GB is $70 voucher. I think this promotion last till 10th March 2004. And the great news that I heard is that Apple will be in the IT Show 2004 held in Suntec from 11th March 2004(Thursday) to 14th March 2004(Sunday). Hope to get my iPod from there.

For your information, PK computers is selling 15GB iPod for $529 and 20GB iPod for $729. Price kinda attractive.

Geargina wanted to buy an Elle Wallet, thus went to Queesnway. The shop’s uncle is very polite, this should be the way in doing business. I didn’t know Outdoor change its agent, logo and bag designs. Looks odd.

Had dinner at Ikea, and they do not have the steak anymore. Wonder what happen.

Will be going to book my SAT I test at RELC building tomorrow.