Met up with my Pixel-Junkies friends, Zeus and Ownage for the IT Show 2004. We met at 11.30am and there was quite a crowd outside the hall that is waiting to be opened.

Once opened, the scene is like water going through a funnel, the bottleneck is the door as they only opened the first door at that time, but later on they opened both halls the door.

This time the exhibition is quite huge as compared to IT Show 2003. It took up both halls, Canon booth is one of the most prominent one. There are basically 2 long queues. 1 queue is buying the TDK DVD 8x Writer for $229, this is the longest queue and I can confirm that it will be out of stock on the first day, no idea whether they will replenish or not. The other queue is the X-Box queue where you buy 5 games at $69.90 each and you get a free X-Box. Both queues are very very very good buys.

The usual big companies are all there. Those companies are damm smart. They ask a reseller to do it and they just provide the goods. Like PA Mart For Apple and Harvey Norman for Sony (last year Sitex 2003).

The hall was quite crowded even though it is a weekday and I can foresee that weekends will be much worst. There is also a food fair going on just beside the IT Show 2004. Normally IT Shows and Food Fairs are very packed when it comes to weekend and you will always have difficulty walking around.

Anyway got myself an iPod 20GB after a few months of consideration and waiting. The promotion is not that attractive, but at least there is something extra given to you. The promotion is as follows:

15GB: $548
20GB: $748
40GB: $928

15GB Promotion: Buy it and get a iPod Accessories Voucher (Worth $40) (I Think)
20GB Promotion: Buy it and extend one more year warranty(ACPP) for just $1. (Worth $109.20)
40GB Promotion: Buy it and you can buy the 15GB iPod for just $200 (Worth $548)

Met up with Laily and co, Jacky and Terry could not make it because there are not feeling well. Take care guys.

We went to the food street in China Town for dinner. Food there is expensive but is quite ok as in average. From now onwards, we will meet it a point to meet up every week. It is really enjoyable.

No time to touch my iPod, it is still sitting in the box, shall play with it tomorrow.

Anyway, I have installed a forum, if you are interested you can just registered, I will add in more forums when there are enough people.