Played with my iPod this morning, feel abit dumb because I do not know how to use it because the user manual ain’t helpful at at all, but luckily there is the Internet and there is this site called iPod Lounge.

While having lunch with my mom at Hans in Great Eastern Building saw Patricia. Didn’t know she and WeiLin is working in the same company.

Met up with XiuYu at Suntec City. It was really crowded from CityLink all the way to Suntec. Really have a hard time walking to the IT Show 2004. XiuYu bought help her company buy 2 external Iomega 80GB HDD for $259 each and she bought herself a Iomega 4x DVD Writer for $199. She is the first female friend I know that have a DVD writer now.

Went to the new Suntec City food court, quite spacious and the design is quite nice. They put mirrors on some walls to bluff us in believing that there are alot of sits and people because everything will x2.

Ok, here comes the interesting part where I think it will be my most vulgar entry.

I was taking bus 14 home from Suntec, during the journey, there is this lady carrying a child boarded the bus. It is a double decker bus. She boarded and just stood by at the staircase there. I was sitting at the first sit near the 2nd door and below the TV Mobile. I was looking at her and thinking, “ok if she look at me, I will give up my sit to her”. 5 minutes pass her back is still facing me. So I just heck and carry on watching my TV Mobile because AMI3 is starting. Then suddenly, there is this fucking fucked up bitch came down from the upper deck and immediately shouted at me and ask me to give up my sit to that lady who is about 2 meters(I roughly measured) and her back is facing me. I was fucking shock and dumb-folded that I stood up without realizing it. For just 5 minutes I was just so fucking dumb-folded. I was watching TV Mobile and listening to my iPod and suddenly that fucking bitch just shouted. And she said I got no common sense. After that when I was sober, she did not even look at me. I keep staring at her. When that bitch alighted at the bus stop behind Cineleisure, she never even look at me. I am no fucking chance to point my middle finger at her which I planned to. I am sure she is above 40 years old and she sure have a fucked up face. I will definitely remember her fucking face and I will fucking shout at her if I see her on the street.

Just because we are fucking teenager, doesn’t mean we always have to fucking give sits to the needy when the adults do not do it. Every time when there is a “Give Up These Seats To The Needy” and when there are adults and teenagers sitting, people always stare at the teenagers and like indirectly telling them “Please give up your fucking seats”, while the adults just sit there and fucking pretend.

I am so god damm fucking pissed.

On a lighter note, life is confirmed unfair, look at William Hung, he is getting all the girls.