While waiting for my hair to dry the natural way, I got nothing to do, thus shall blog.

Met up with my secondary school friends today after a month of no meet ups. Luckily today all of them are free. I don’t really like to stay at home on Saturdays unless I am very tired. The mood for staying at home is just not there.

We went to Sim Lim Square and then Bugis. Tried the new shrooms burger from KFC. It is kinda cheap, $2.95 for a set meal which includes that burger, whip potato and a small pepsi. Normally people will not be full after eating that burger because it is so small, but I expected it since it is only $2.95, can’t really complain much.

Went to Bugis and it started raining very heavily. Didn’t know one of my friends was so afraid of the thunder noise, or rather I would say phobia. We was imaging things, imagine a lightning struck on the glass roof of Bugis Junction, then the glass was shattered. Imagined all these actions in slow motion. Woo, kinda like Independence Day.

While taking the MRT back with them, I also saw a woman carrying a child. All those seated was all adults and none give up their sits for her.

Met up with them again at 12.30am for supper. There are like 7 of us, thus we need 2 cars. I drove my dad’s car after missing in action for almost a month. I really love driving late in the night because there are not much cars and thus not so much phobia.

Need to wake up at 11am to go to Heeren, which leaves me with 7 hours of sleep. =(

Take a look at this video. It is work safe. I was like WOW, when I watched it.

Take a look at this forum thread. It is very funny.