Went to Orchard yesterday. My brother bought lots of stuffs. My mom got herself a new handphone, same as mine Samsung s500. She used my grandfather line to upgrade and my grandfather took her old phone which is Nokia 7210.

We went to Suntec City for the Food Fair because my grandfather wanted to. It was extremely crowded. Carpark is full at Suntec, Marina and Millenia Walk. I suggested Esplanade’s Carpark and surprisingly it was quite empty. People ain’t as smart as me =p, just kidding. I went to the IT Fair 2004 for a while to get iSkin for my iPod and a 100 Imation CDRs. I realized that there are 3 different resellers, 1 is Apple Center, 1 is PA Mart and I have no idea what the last one is. I should get my iPod from the Apple Center, at least their plastic bag is nicer. I bought from PA Mart and they give me those wet market type plastic bag. Lessoned learned, always survey around and see where people buy from even if it is under the same brand booth.

Went over to the food fair which is on the 6th level. It was more crowded than the IT Fair, we just walk around the first few rows and came out.

Today, went to Funan for lunch because I want to pre-order the limited edition of UT2K4. It is 2 DVDs. But when I asked the PK Computer, they do not know what I am talking and keep telling me it will be out tomorrow and it will be 6 CDs. Damm those noobs. They do not even know their products well. I e-emailed one computer store in Funan, they got the stock but cannot pay by VISA. Damm it. What is wrong with Singapore retailers, got free gifts only must pay by Nets or Cash, if not charge you with a 2% surcharge. Stupid rules.

Looks like I have to stick with the 6 CDs version. “Please Insert Disc 1 To 6”, just give me the creeps.

Finally I went to get my hair trimed at Everton’s Park after nagging from my dad. And yes, I finally can color my hair, been waiting for this for a long time.