Went to Funan yesterday because I thought UT2K4 was supposed to be launched yesterday, but who knows due to some airplane problems, shipment had been delayed to 19th March 2004 (Friday). I ordered my limited edition DVD version of the game at Software Boutique as it is the only store I know that sell the DVD version in the whole of Funan. No choice have to pay my NETS, sighz another $70 bucks gone. Can’t wait for my 3rd month pay.

Had lunch with my mom, grandmother and brother at Swensens and ate something light at Ya Kun later. I just loved Ya Kun Kaya Toast. Last time there was only 1 store at the very old Lau Pa Sat (it has already been demolished), now it has gone into franchise and thus, there are shops all over Singapore. Give the Ice Blended Tea Si Peng, Kaya Toast and Half-Boiled Egg a try. Don’t know why these days, I have been craving for half-boiled egg.

UT2K4 is already on BitTorrent. The file size is 4.1GB and I am only getting a download speed of 10kbps. It will take me at least 1 week to download it, but anyway since I ordered the DVD version, I just download the CD version for fun since it is free.

Anyway, Amoy Street Food Center have lots of nice food. Last timed used to go there for breakfast when I am working, but ever since it undergo renovations, I didn’t went there till today.