Yesterday, my fucked up Internet connection disconnected 5 times. When I woke up this morning and I check my IRC log, it shows it disconnected another 5 times totally to 10 times within 24 hours. S*****b, if you are reading this please do something about your fucking Internet connection.

NONE of Singapore ISP is good. They should really wake up their fucking idea. Slow downstream and upstream speed and charge so expensive and worst of all, fucked up support.

Anyway, a very ironic incident happened. Search On For For Suspected Armed Robbers On Pulau Tekong. Pulau Tekong suppose to be a military island and outsiders can get onto the island so easily. From what I heard from HWZ forums, SAF is sending lots of people down to the island just to capture those 3 armed robbers, is like a few hundred SAR21s pointing at those robbers with pistols?

*Disclaimer* What I said above is just from my point of view, if you feel offended at any time, please close this window.