Saturday was a busy day, was out all the way from 10am to 4am. Went with LiXiang to apply for passport, to my surprise it only takes 10 minutes. Fill up the form, pay and drop it into the box and next week your passport will be ready. It is so efficient. I did inquire when we need to change our IC, and it will be 30 years old, not immediately after NS.

Met up with Jacky for a shopping trip, bought a casual long sleeves shirt from Levi’s because I have a $20 voucher, so paid $59.90. Jacky bought a pair of Levi’s jeans and 2 t-shirts, while LiXiang bought a techno CD. Was quite surprised that she also like Techno/Trance because as far as I know, other that HuiJuan and I, no one really likes techno/trance.

Watched Runaway Jury at Plaza Singapura. It was a good movie, interesting storyline but I somehow do not understand the last part, if anyone can explain the last part starting from why the bad guy subordinate visited the mom’s house it would be great.

Was sitting at Mac Donalds when my secondary school friend called me up for supper and I went with them to Geylang to eat the Beef Hor Fun.

I came home at 4am and slept all the way till 5pm, that makes 13 hours of sleep. Finally started work on my ITP again after 3 days of not touching it. Really getting sick of doing programming.

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