Met up with Zeus today for a Ba Chou Mee lunch at Marina Square. Caught The Butterfly effects. It is a good show, interesting and unique storyline and least confusing as the Runaway Jury but still can be confusing. Thumbs up for this movie.

Met up with Jackey and co to help me dye my hair at LiXiang House, quite pai say, 4 people help me out in that. Thanks Jacky, LiXiang, Laily and Serene! You all are the best.

Heard from alot of my classmates that SP network had been affect by w32.witty.worm, and it specifically target Blackice Firewall and RealSecure applications. What the virus will do are all random and very hard to spot on.

Will be meeting my Supervisor tomorrow morning in SP, sigh, have to wake up so early.

As I am dying my hair for the first time, the color IS NOT OBVIOUS at all, shall dye it again next week or so (hint hint =p).

Just a few more minutes.