Celebrated my 20th birthday with Jackey, Johnson, Terry, LiXiang, Serene, Suqin and Laily at Suntec City’s Joaquim Buffet Restaurant. The food was quite okie but the company you are eating with is great.

Went to Esplanade later and they gave me many presents there. I love all the presents and Laily did one portrait in vector arts of the 9 of us. That present is priceless, I really love it. Thanks Bong!

When we are Esplanade there is also a girl who is celebrating her birthday, but not sure how old is she, And Terry asked me to make friends with her, maybe I should actually. =p

Received a SMS from my lecturer and he told me that I am in the finals of the WSC: Web Trade which will be held on 1st July 2004, I was quite overjoyed. Another great birthday present for me!

Thanks for all of you all the greetings.

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Sabrina, Lester Goh, Desmond, LiXiang, Victor, Alvin,Serene, Sheena, Dad, HuiJuan, Patrick, JieLin, Mom, KaiSiang, Jacky, JunXian, KaiNi, Denis, Shaun, PeiJun

XiuYu, Yong Tang, Hafiz, Geargina, Suqin, Wei Jian, Jade, Fiona

Paranoia, Phuse, Ownage, Defcon, ZhiWei, ExTr3MisT

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» 2 Cute Messages
– HAPPY BIRTHDAY my dear. Wishing you a fabulous birthday with you love ones k. *muakx*

– happy 20TH birdday! old liao… stop acting cute n get yourself a babe soon, dude! lol

This is no doubt my best birthday celebration with my friends. Thanks so much guys and girls. No words can really describe how I feel now.

You all are the best!

Finally, Happy 20th Birthday Lester Chan.