Met up with my #pixel.junkies friends for a LAN training session at IRC at Parklane, the computer there kinda suck especially the graphics card, price pretty standard, $2.50 per hour.

Luckily I was around Parklane area because the organizer of the UT2K4 competition called me up at 6.30pm and ask me to meet at the LAN shop opposite Parklane to draw lots for the match at 9pm. Got A5 as my team number. The match SYSTEM SUCKS. The person who thought of that is an idiot. Ours is the first match and also the last match, people normally start early and end early, ours is start early end late.

Hang around City Link Pacific Coffee to talk about some strategy, hope we can at least get 3rd or something which I think is very hard or rather impossible (lets be realistic), but the prizes are very attractive though.

There are 16 teams, split into 8-8, each team will fight 7 matches and each matches will last 45 minutes. The competition will last from 2pm to 4pm the next day. Our in-between break is around 4 hours, don’t know what are we going to do with that 4 hours when it comes to midnight or in the morning.

I didn’t realize Paradiz Center has gone through a major renovation and it looks so nice now unlike last time.

Wish me luck guys =D