Met up with my team today for the competition at Sim Lim Square. Just before the match starts, there alot of cock up, thus the whole match was delayed for about 45 minutes. We got trashed by Ash Team 2 16-0, we trashed BDay Team 8-0. The 3rd match was a walked over because the other team back out. Our 2nd match end at 7.45pm and we are suppose to wait till 3.30am for the next match and our next opponent is the best UT clan in Singapore. We saw them play and make the decision to forfeit because it is impossible to win them. On overall the match system suck, it is not about endurance, it is about waiting or rather overnight gaming. Thumbs down to the organizer.

And I think alot of teams forfeit too. We are not sore losers but smart losers, why wait for 6 hours to play UT and can’t even get any prizes while you can play it at the comfort of your own home. =D

Anyway, I got a free new design fourskin t-shirt because of my birthday. =D