On Friday went to Phuse’s house to help in solve his computer problem. After staying there for 6 hours, we still can’t solve it because his motherboard is a goner.

We had dinner at Kopitiam beside West Mall, the Ban Mian there rocks. $4, very big portion, lots of ingredients and taste good!

Yesterday, went out with Jackey, Laily and LiXiang to shop around Orchard. I bought the Matrix Revolution DVD while LiXiang bought all the 3 part VCDs. Saw 1 Crumpler bag that cost $89, think will be getting that. Bought a hair dye also together with Jackey, going to get my hair colored again this Good Friday.

NS is in 2 more months, so whatever I like to do, better do it fast. Suddenly I feel my life is shortened to just 2 months.

Met up with my secondary school friends at around 10pm in Orchard’s Starbucks, as usual talk about alot of army stuffs as 2 of us will be going in soon. Need to ask for some advice or rather ask them to give us advice on what to do and what not to do and what to bring and what not to bring.

Really damm unluckily, got my NS letter today, enlisting on 10am, 9th June 2004 in School Two. Some of my friends also got theirs already. What can be more unluckily then getting a NS letter in the morning. It will just spoil your day.

Below is a list of my friends enlistment date, I will keep it updated. So guys who got the letter, please post in the comments your enlistment date and time.

Poly Friends
9.00am, 8th June – Alvin, WeiQuan

8.45am, 9th June – Jackey
10.00am, 9th June – Lester Chan
2.00pm, 9th June – Robert
3.00pm, 9th June – SzePing, ZhiFan, HanJie

2.00pm, 10th June – ZhiWei

8.45am, 11th June – Lester Goh, Kenny, ChinPoh

2pm, 20th August – Terry

Secondary School Friends
10.00am, 8th June – JunXian
3.00pm, 8th June – Calvin