Had dinner yesterday at Country Mana in Great World City. They are having their 11th anniversary promotion. Set dinner for $7.99 and another $1.99 for soup and another $1.99 for desert. The food was ok but not filling enough. Give me Ponderosa anytime.

Today had lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant called Vietlang in CHIMES. Luckily the restaurant has no dress code. The ambiance was rather good, the price of the food was quite reasonable. The food was ok but it tastes more Thai to me.

Finally continued work on my ITP after a few days of rest, hope to complete the whole programming part before this weekend and I can start on my documentation/user’s manual. The deadline given to me for the whole project is 19th April 2004.

For a start, went jogging today with Calvin, not to sure I ran how how much. But I am sure it is less than 2km. Will increase the distance as time goes by. I must make an effort to run at least 2 times per week and need to train on my weak arms.