Today, met up with Patrick, my primary school mate. He said want to introduce don’t know what business to me. It is MLM, but since he is a friend of mine for more than 10 years, I give him face and went. I never like those MLM shit anyway.

Ate lunch at Lao Pa Sat, and surprising the food that is not that expensive, I think is cheaper than some food court. Went to his office place at the building opposite SGX Center. I think the company name is called NIT Paris or something. He said the company is not MLM but called network marketing. I find it is the same shit but different smell. I never believe in those crap anyway. Conclusion, I never join. If it is so easy to earn money, I don’t see why there are poor people among Singapore.

Went for jogging again with Calvin. Now my whole body aches.

Frozen banana dip with chocolate absolutely taste heavenly. Hagan Daz called it Fonde I think