Went to watch Hellboy at GV Grand by myself. Sounds like a date with myself. The show is around 2 hours(excluding those stupid GV advertisements). From my point of view, I find the show more interesting than Spiderman or Dare Devil, thus I would say is better than the two. Thumbs up.

Had dinner with Jackey and co at Crystal Jade at Ngee Ang City. The food was rather expensive but it was quite ok. Had dessert at Swensens at Crown Prince Hotel after that. As usual, that Swensen outlet is always crowded. Spend $30 just on food today. Ouch.

Saw the 2nd trailer for The Day After Tomorrow, which opens here on 28th May 2004. It was awesome especially the visual effect. I will definitely catch this movie before I go in NS and I think it will be my last movie.

I am very excited about Resident Evil 2.