Been a real busy Good Friday and Saturday. Not enough sleep on Friday night and now I am going to sleep soon. While waiting for my hair to dry, shall post this blog.

On Good Friday, used my dad’s car for the whole day. Went to fetch Serene, Jackey and Laily to LiXiang house. Jackey and I dyed our hair at her house. It seems that we always use LiXiang’s house when we want to dye our hair. Thanks Xiang!

While waiting for our hair to set which we intend to give it 2 hours, we watched Matrix’s Revolutions again. These time it was very successfully. The color can be seen easily unless you got a stamp on your eyes. While washing my hair after 2 hours, no color came down, it is just water and foam. But the previous time, alot of coloring came down together with the water.

Went to Harbour Front for a late dinner. We had Yoshinoya, and the bloody counter girl have a SERIOUS attitude problem. Take our order like taking her life. Then the way she place the food and utensils on the tray is by throwing and not putting. We fill up a suggestion form and hope the management can do something about it. Nowadays there is an INCREASING amount of people with attitude problem especially in the food business.

Walked to Sentosa and checked out the riverboat restaurant. We had 3 milkshakes and a chips and dips. It was good. The price was quite reasonable and the ambiance was excellent. The restaurant serve American-Mexican Food and I think is famous for the big burgers.

Sent Serene home afterwards as she need to reach home early. Then We went for supper at the Cheese Prata Shop. Really drove the whole day and my leg is tired. Reached home at 3am and slept at 4am.

Today woke up at 9am and met up with Jackey at ICA building to renew his passport. The building was really crowded. But it was quite fast considering the amount of people. It take less than 1 hour to extend a passport.

Came home took a 2 hours short nap and met up with my friends at Suntec City. Went to orchard later and walked till my leg is aching. I really take my hats off those people who can really walk (like my mom). Didn’t realize The Nudle Bar in Heeren is gone, abit wasted. I kinda like the food there.

Will be watching Passion Of Chris tomorrow. Hope it will not upset my appetite.