Had a Bh Chou Mee lunch with my parents at Marina Square followed by some drinks at NYDC.

Met up with XiuYu and HuiJuan for Passion Of Christ at GV Marina. The show is slightly more than 2 hours. I find the movie just average. No offense but I find it quite dramatic also. The makeup unit has done an excellent job. Regarding gory, I find it ok only, I have seen more gory film like Battle Royal and Kill Bill.

Had a chill out session at Millenia Walk. The ambiance at The Coffee Connection(TCC) was fantastic. And it was not crowded which makes it a great place to chill out. I gave them a treat because they could not make it for my birthday dinner.

Had dinner at NYDC again, and on our way there, we saw Mr Clarence Ng in Suntec. He said he saw me and was standing beside me during the UT2K4 competition in Sim Lim Square, didn’t notice that.

We did delicate a song and a message at the Fountain, but no idea whether the DJ played it as we can’t really hear/see it in NYDC. The computer system used for the delication sucks.

Thanks XiuYu and HuiJuan for the nice Dragonball figurine. I shall get all 4 of them soon.

On a side note, I find all these NKF show is bullshit. For every dollar you donate only $0.52 goes to the patient. On top of that you still need to pay 5% GST which is $0.25 and it goes to Singtel. Forum thread on this issue. If those artist are really that good in heart, why not take out half of their salary and donate instead. And NKF should really cut down on the advertisements and save the money for their patient instead.