Yesterday, woken up by a call from CMPB. SP have informed them about the WSC and want me to defer. If I want to defer, I need to write in a personal letter. But now the problem is, I don’t want to defer because if i defer most probably I will go in PTP after August and I will ORD later also which is around 1st quarter of 2007 and thus most probably I will miss the University intake and have to wait for 1 more year.

I just want to take the 3 days off for the WSC and according to CMPB, that is more difficult than deferring. If I go in on 9th June, I will ORD around end of 2006 and just nice I can enter University in 2007. The government is really fucking around with our lives especially guys. My dad say he will go to see the MP and ask me don’t defer. If really worst come to worst, I will fore go the WSC.

Today suppose to meet my supervisor for my ITP but last minute he could not make it. Had a huge lunch gather in school today with my classmates. Was quite happy as we can see each other and it seems we have alot to talk about. The only thing I miss about SP is the food and maybe the lecturers. Total 14 of us met up, SuQin, Laily, Serene, LiXiang, Jean, Karen, Charlene, Geargina, Sabrina, Robert, Ron, Hafiz, Ismail and Razine. Ron was there to take his NAPFA, and I could not physco him not to go. Hafiz was on MC and he got nothing to do, so he went to school.

Saw ZhiFan, ChinPoh, Darren, WenHui, Max, MingFoo and ChoonSing in the lab 2054. Is good to see familiar faces around.

Watched Paycheck last night and it was quite a good show and the storyline is not bad, similar to Butterfly Effect and Timeline. The power of reverse engineering.

Will be going jogging at Queenstown Stadium with my friends later.