Suppose to go to Queenstown Stadium for a jog with my secondary school friends, but there is a soccer match going on there, thus we went back to SP. The track there was very dark but it was rather cooling. I managed to jog for 2km without stopping, but the bad side is that my timing was around 15 minutes and I need to get less than 11 1/2 minutes for 2.4km in order to get silver for my IPPT.

After jogging we went to Clementi for dessert and realize that the whole of Clementi Central do not even have a single dessert store.

Met up with my supervisor today in SP Main library, had a hard time configuring the Wireless LAN, end up have to ask help from the CIS department. There are very helpful and friendly. I think SP have 2 wireless LAN network, because the campus wide surf zone requires you to login while wireless LAN network around ICT blocks do not require you to do so and it is much much much faster.

Got my 3rd month pay and a Certificate of Commendation for being placed on the school’s director roll for academic excellence in 2003/2004 semester 1.

CMPB called my mom and said it is impossible to get 3 days off during PTP, and that does it. The phrase quoting “do not ask what your country can do for you but ask what can you do for your country” is F bullshit. If your country can’t even give you 3 days off for urgent things, why the F do you want to do things for your country. Almost everything here is F up. F up government, F ISP and even the weather is F up. This song “Limp Bizkit – Hot Dog” goes likes this: It is a F up world, a F up place…..

When there is a war, rest assured I will NOT fight for Singapore, I will be one of the first few F to leave. I will just served 2 1/2 years of NS as a pay back to the government and F off after that.

*Update* Censored to protect myself since it has something to do with government. Replace F with your imagination.