My ITP more or less done. Now left with testing and debugging.

Went to jog with my friends at Queenstown Stadium, finally can jog 2.4km non-stop. Did train on pull up with the help of them. I hope every week I can increase 400m in running and try to do pulll-up. If everything goes on well, when PTP come, I can get silver for IPPT at the end of the 2 weeks, and then my BMT will start in August according to CMPB.

I think we are not fated to have dessert after running. Went to the hawker center opposite Queenstown Stadium and there is a dessert store but it is closing. Sigh.

List of movies that I intend to watch/download when it is out:

» Kill Bill 2
» Dawn Of The Dead
» Van Helsing
» Spiderman 2
» Harry Potter 3
» The Day After Tomorrow
» Resident Evil 2
» Garfield
» Alien vs Prediator

Here are some images to share with you all. Some are not work safe but they are not porn.

» 2006 MRT Map
» Food Sex
» Priceless
» Chinese
» Optical Illusion
» Windaz 2000
» Punishment
» Iron
» Camel Spider