Kill Bill Vol 2 opens here in Singapore tomorrow, finally the rating is out, which is M18. I doubt they will censor anything because it is not as gory as Vol 1 beside the eye part. The movie length is about 2 hours. Overall, the entire Kill Bill was ok, but somehow Vol 1 got more fight scenes and I kinda prefer it.

The Telesync version which is around 2.0GB(3 CDs), the quality is not that bad but most importantly it is still watchable. Hope the DVD rip will be out before I go in for NS. The Punisher, Dawn Of The Dead and 50 First Dates are the movies I am going to get next.

My closer cousin gave birth to a baby girl on 19th April 2004, which makes me an uncle for the, let me see…..should be the 6th time.

Now the talk of the town became the collapse of Nicoll Highway, I am surprise by how fast the information spreads. I was surfing Hardware Zone forums, and if I am not wrong, the thread about the collapse of Nicoll Highway was posted 15 minutes after it happen and within the next hour it spreads faster than a virus could.

Last week was the massive blackout in the West area, this week was the collapse of Nicoll Highway, whats next?

By the way, I have updated the gallery with Jackey’s Birthday photos.

*Update* Whats next? Starhub MaxOnline is down for more than 15 minutes, affecting ALL users of maxonline. I just got my Internet back. Then what is next again?