Starhub MaxOnline was down for more than 15 minutes yesterday. At first I thought it is my problem only, after smsing/calling some of my friends, they told me theirs also down. Slowly I realize that it is whole of Singapore. Tried calling their hotline but it was engaged, and I was told even if I managed to get through, I have to wait for 20 minutes or more to speak to their CSO. You called that good service? This afternoon, I woke up, realized that my cable got dced again at around 8am.

That is it, I am totally pissed off with Starhub, regretted signing the 2 years contract with them. Once the contract expire and there is a faster ADSL/DSL connection available, I will definitely switch ISP. Now I am looking at Qala or Magix. Can’t wait the day where we will have T1 or T3 line for residents.

Chatted with 2 people online after my cable was up. One was a guy from #starhub who is going in DMMT this July. Chatted about poly life and stuffs. All of us was bitching about how lousy Starhub MaxOnline is in #starhub, and apparently, last time there is a petition signed by 3k people to Starhub to ask them increase the bandwidth, but apparently that doesn’t work. The other one was my primary school classmate. He got into NP but he also received his NS letter and he already deferred 2 times, and this time he can’t defer anymore. He went to CMPB and went to see the MP, both also no use. Apparently he is as pissed off as me with Singapore.

Can’t the government let us finished our education first before serving the country, why must they always fuck around with our lives. We control our own lives and not them.

Went to see my cousin today at Mount Alvernia Hospital, she just gave birth to a baby girl on Monday. She looks ok but her daughter is having a flu. Poor thing. I just realized having a kid/child is expensive especially in Singapore is VERY expensive. The hospital bills for giving birth will be around a few K and baby clothing/stuffs are sometimes are more expensive than adults one.

You think life sucks? Before you say that, take a look a this thread. Take note of the last picture. I used to say life sucks last time, but if life sucks that much to you, why not just end it? Dare not? Means life does not suck.

Need to get more CDRs, my CDRs is running low on stock.