Had my weekly dinner with my click at Clark Quay. We ate at Quayside Grilled Seafood, the food was not bad, price is reasonable, service was excellent when we first sat but as soon we are going to finished our dinner, the service dropped.

Had Gelato Ice Cream at Liang Court before proceeding to Singapore River Bank to chill out. Talked about Paranormal stuffs. There is one thing called ‘Time Lapse’, I am not too sure whether it is the right word to use. For example Geargina brought this up. A couple was at Clementi, the boyfriend went toilet and did not came back. The girl made a police report and 2 weeks later the boy came back saying that he was in the toilet for only 5 minutes.

Terry also experienced this before when he was young playing hide and seek. He was running down a spiral path and after running for a very long time, he is still at the 3rd floor.

I can’t seem to find the right term to use so that I can search using google. I find it is quite an interesting subject.

How time flies, it is our 8th weekly dinner, 2 months just flew pass.

My 5 years Nike waterbottle is cracked, time to get those a new one. Aiming at those transparent plastic one which is quite trendy now. Wanted to get a Sigg, but my mom say will dent very easily which is quite true.

Was thinking of going for Lasik(Eye Surgery) after my NS. Here is a discussion thread on it. I heard the success rate is 99.9% and no one has gone blind in the world before, but the down side it cost a total of around $6k for both eyes. But one thing for sure, I do not like the hassle of wearing specs.

Anyway, I watched Dawn Of The Dead. I find it pretty good and much better than 28 days but lose to Resident Evil. The real ending is after the credits but I do not get to watch it because the person cut away the credits in the avi file. Hope to watch it in the cinema this Sunday.