Been very busy these days even though I should stay at home more often. Here is a recap.

Was at home the whole afternoon. In the evening went to jogging with Calvin and YongTang. Been 3 weeks since I last jogged and after clocking a time of 12 minutes for only 5 rounds, I could not continue the 6th round. That was really bad. Went for some dessert at the hawker center opposite Queenstown Stadium, luckily it was still open.

Came home, my uncle told me that my router which has been with me for around 5 years will be dying anything soon.

Dreamt that I was in a scene in Dawn Of The Dead, was stuck in the shopping center with zombies all outside. It was quite an action packed dream, kinda like it alot but got woken up by my mom at 8am.

Went for breakfast then went to school for a Creative Workshop. The workshop is quite ok, but 1/2 way through it I was very tired, so I went home during lunch. We are asked to make a creative sandwich, I made mine, but I dared to eat because it was kinda dirty and don’t look nice. Yes, I can only eat =D

Drove LiXiang, Jackey, Laily and Suqin for supper at night. We went to Mount Faber first, was at the top and it was not even windy and that sucks. The weather these days are very very hot. Went to River Valley to eat the Boon Tong Kee Chicken Rice, Geylang to eat YouTiao/TaoHui and lastly drove to Jackey’s secondary school to take a look. Everything ended at around 4am and I reached home at 4.30am. Luckily I took a nap in the afternoon.

I just realised that Singapore is full of humps, taxi drivers and traffic lights.

Went to Funan to buy my router. Got a Linksys WRT54G – Wireless G Broadband Router for $135 from PK Computer.

While on my way back, heard from radio about an American beheaded in Iraq, and the whole process was video tapped and release on the net. Managed to find the video and I regretted seeing it. It is FUCKING GROSS. Those sick bastards. Just when I thought Ichi The Killer was gross enough.

Source: CNN, Video Link (Updated Link) (CAUTION: It is fucking gross, don’t watch it if you have just eaten something).

Jackey, Laily, LiXiang and Terry will be going for thier backpack trip tomorrow, good luck to you all. If you all miss me, feel free to call me =D