Suppose to go Zouk yesterday but there was a private function, NUS Bash. End up we went to Mohammad Sultan, Cheeky Monkey. Charlene, Jean, Stacey, Zhi Wei and I was there first. Hafiz, Lester Goh and Ron joined us later. The music there was hip-hop, don’t really like it, still prefer Techno/Trance. People vomiting and people fighting was common. No wonder there are always police car parked down there. Saw 2 guys carrying 1 girl I presumed is too weak or drunk to walk on her own. She have to pray that those 2 guys are gentlemen else it is the end for her.

Ron and Goh drove us for supper at River Valley, at there we witness a very minor car accident, the driver was a P-Plate driver and he was doing parallel parking and the back hit down a motorcycle parked down there and the oil was leaking after that. Luckily there no fight was involved.

Ron sent us home, and Goh sent Zhi Wei home. Stacey, Charlene and Jean stayed over at my placed. Played Tai Dee and watch Tom and Jerry till 7am before they went home. Thanks Ron for the ride.

Slept till 5pm. Installed my new router with the help of my uncle. Got disconnected every 30 minutes, was so fed up. Linksys support is very good, live technical support 24/7. They told me to changed my MTU(Max Transmission Unit) to 1492 and somehow it helps. I could not get the WLAN to worked with my iPAQ 5450 and I think lots of people also encountered the same problem after doing a search in google. But the WLAN works well with my uncle’s laptop.

Saw the E3 demo of Half-Life 2 and Counter-Strike Source. It was fantastic, the source engine is bloody awesome. Half-Life 2 will be release sometime in Summer. Can’t wait for it.

Here is the Suprnova torrent for the full demo. It weighs 664MB, currently 491 seeders, 7271 peers, as of 2.10am 14th May 2004.