Reached Singapore at 11.30am. I am not fated to eat the Depot Road Laksa. There was one more branch at West Coast Block 501, went there with my parents and it didn’t open, even though it stated that it will be close on Friday only. End up eating roast meat/duck there. Not too bad.

Met up with LiXiang and Jackey to watched I, Robot at GV Marina. The movie is quite cool and I kinda like those futuristic movies, quite worth the $8.50 compared to King Author. The story is set in 2035 AD. The Audi car is way cool.

Kenny met up with us for dinner. Went to a Japanese Restaurant at Ngee Ang City B2 for dinner. The food there was quite taste quite ok but just abit saltish.

Went to the new Sony Gallery at Wisma Atria 4th level. It was quite big and all the latest Sony gadgets that will be soon be available in Singapore are all there.

Chill out at an Italian cafe just outside Wisma, the ambiance was good, but the bar beside it have a live band and I think is better. Next week shall try there.

Had brunch at Swensen in Bugis Junction. My mom wanted to use my grandmother line to upgrade to Nokia 6230 but the plan was not eligible for the upgrade because it was too cheap.

It is now the Heritage festival, thus there was a gallery full of pictures taken during the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. It was quite cool seeing how people, environment in Singapore evolved.

Booking in later at 9.15pm. Mom will be cooking Claypot rice for dinner.

Life In Tekong
Monday was the slackest day in the whole ptp phrase.

Tuesday, at night the sergents asked us to bring snacks and buy can drinks and proceed to our coy rest room to watched Freaky Friday. I got a shocked, maybe it was the last day of our ptp, thus we need to enjoy while we can.

Wednesday, BMT starts.

Thursday, new enlistees came in, because of that, we march thru and fro from cook house 3, 3 times because there was a miscommunication or rather cock up between our COS and our DI. 3 recoursee joined our platoon.

Friday, so far the xiongest day and also our most fucked up day. Even simplest thing like falling in, we can also cock up. I think we have to blame the day because whatever we do on that day also cock up, we really deserved the punishment.

Took 2 lessons of Basic Close Combat Training (BCCT), the instructor is really fierce, can see that our whole coy is really afraid of him, but I like the lessons. There will be a total of 8 lessons.

Also took 2 lecture lessons on First Aid, first lesson forgot to bring my writing materials, because I didn’t know we are going for lecture. Going to get guard duty for that. But I think it will be long before my turn, because there are too many person on the waiting list.

Passed my Swimming Cat test, thus I will get my admin time during swimming lessons.

I think next week will be my last week booking out on Saturday afternoon because on 2nd August 2004 will be my IPPT cat test, and if I fail (which probably I will), I need to stay back for RT, thus is either book out on Saturday evening or Sunday morning.

Lester Goh is in Raven Platoon 2, Section 4, shall go look for him tonight.

POP On 23rd September 2004, Field Camp On 21st August 2004.