Booked out at 9.30am, it was early because I think there is a Parents Visiting session going on during lunch and they don’t want to jam the ferry terminal.

Had the famous minced pork noodle for lunch with my parents before meeting LiXiang for lunch at Ngee Ann City’s Mos Burger. Met up with Jackey and Laily for Brotherhood movie at Plaza Singapore. The show is around 140 minutes long. It is quite a good show, very touching. The show was released quite sometime ago and the cinema is still full house.

Kenny, Serene and Suqin joined us later for a dinner at Shima Aji located at Esplanade. It is a treat from LiXiang because she has gotten her first pay and her pay is the highest among all of us. The service is really fucked up, and I really see no effort in their service. As the Yakiniku is outdoors, they did not station and waiters/waitresses outside, rather all 5 of them are all inside serving. All of us was quite fed up about it.

Chill out at Pacific Coffee above City Link, it opened till 12mn, so next time can chill out there rather than the Pacific Coffee in City Link Mall.

Had breakfast at Ah Kun’s Kaya Toast located near Far East Square before proceeding to Orchard with my parents for a walk. Went to Queensway Shopping Center to make my black specs as my Seiko specs of 6 years is starting to give way. Too bad my degree is too high, 650 on the right and 675 on the left, thus they don’t have the lens and I have to wait till tomorrow to collect it and I can only use it on my next book in.

Will be booking in early tonight, need to reach Pasir Ris Interchange by 8pm.

Life In Tekong
This week we had our Weapon Presentation Ceremony, once you got your weapon is very troublesome. Learnt some technical handling on our weapon. Stripping and assembling the weapon in 1 minute is easy, but loading 30 rounds inside the magazine withing 50 seconds is very difficult. Had my 5th BCCT lesson on Friday, just 3 more lessons to go.

IPPT cat test on Tuesday, SOC on Thursday, visiting SAFTI on Saturday and hoping that we can book out on Friday night because all companies that are visiting SAFTI on Saturday get to book out on Friday night.

3rd week BMT starts tomorrow.