This will be a fairly long post.

Booked out at 8pm, reach Singapore at around 8.30pm. Had dinner with my parents at Changi Village eating the famous Nasi Lemak. Came home uploaded my site on the new server, had some SQL problems because phpMyAdmin SQL dump sucks, after dumping the SQL file, phpMyAdmin could not read it. No choice had to manually create the tables and use the dump to insert the values.

Woke up at 5.30am, had breakfast at Pasir Panjang before going to Singapore Discovery Center/SAFTI to visit OCS. It was really a waste of my time, nothing much especially the SDC Part, went to watched a movie called “On Guard”, it was quite cool, but after that there is this Indian old man who is fucking long winded talk to us on history of Singapore. Suppose to end at 12.45pm, end up thanks to his long wind, we were dismissed at 1.15pm. The OCS visit was quite ok, the parade ground is cool.

Met up with LiXiang to watch The Village at GV Marina. The show was quite ok, very twisted show and hence I like the storyline. The show was very very boring in the beginning and in the middle, but luckily the end was good.

After the show, went to XiuHui birthday dinner at Cartel at Plaza Singapura. People who were there includes Xiu Hui, Fiona, Lynn, ZiWei, Ron, Lester Goh and Wei Jian. As usual, we always talk about NS stuffs, but commandos training is really tough and strict, BMTC considered “good life” compared to Hendon Camp.

Thanks to Wei Jian for the ride home.

Went to Suntec City, wanted to eat at “The Rice Table Indonesian Restaurant”, but it was fully booked even before it opened, no choice, my mom reserved a table for tomorrow instead. Bought a Nike tri-fit shirt from Nike Bird.

There is fireworks going on at night at Marina area, thus the whole area was in a major jam, I mean very serious jam. Suppose to eat at Long Beach Marina, but due to lack of parking space, we end up eating at a Teochew restaurant at Concourse. The food there was quite ok.

At 9.15pm, received a call from Pegasus COS, asking me to be back at 11pm to do guard duty, I called my sergeant and say I definitely can’t make it because I am still outside and there is a jam going on. Luckily he said ok and I called back the COS and told him that my sergeant said it is ok. Then the COS just say “Oh, if your sergeant say ok, means ok loh”. I was like WTF?

Then at 12mn, I got a missed called from Pegasus COS again.

Went to pray at Waterloo Street before going for lunch at “The Rice Table Indonesian Restaurant” at Suntec City. Bought a CD entitled “Hot+Hard! 3”. I was still contemplating whether or not to return the call. So after asking my friend who is a sergeant in J coy, he say better to return. So I returned. If I am not wrong it is a lieutenant who answer my call. Then he just say “Oh never mind, we call you to ask you to see whether you can do guard duty, but now never mind, the guard duty personals is here.” I was again like WTF?

Booking in at 9.15pm. Quite late for today.

And ya, today is Singapore’s 39th Birthday.

Life In Tekong
Last week was quite slack actually, had a IPPT cat test, first aid test and a technical handling test. Passed all the test except for my IPPT cat test as usual. This time I only failed 2 stations, pull-up and SBJ. My 2.4km had improved to 11:21 minutes from 12:34 minutes, and thus a silver for it, my situp also had improved, from 46 to 49, a gold for it, my shuttle run had also improved from 10.7 to 10.5.

Had 2 lessons of BCCT, learnt rifle combat on the 7th lesson. I think another 2 more lessons to go.