Reach Singapore at around 12.15pm. My mom finally found the location of the Depot’s Road Laksa. It is now at Alexandra Village Hawker Center, Stall 01-75. Finally can have my favourite Laksa for lunch.

Went to Toyota’s showroom, my mom bought a Toyota Vios and scraping her present car which is a Toyota Soluna. The car will come in October and just nice I can drive it after my POP. I still dare not drive my dad’s car because it is new and the pick-up speed is a little too fast for me to control.

Met up with LiXiang, Serene and Jackey at Marina Square for Catwoman. The movie is quite ok, visual effects is good and Halle Barry is cool. Quite worth the money.

Had dinner at Suntec City’s Cartel because I took $40 voucher from my brother. After that went to NYDC for dessert. The service of NYDC is always so good, really don’t mind paying the 10%.

Had lunch at Akashi Japanese Restaurant located somewhere opposite Orchard Hotel, they also have a branch at City Link. The set meals are very reasonable. A tempura set is only $12. The sushi is a little bit more expensive, but is is very very nice. The reverse California roll is around $8 for 8 pieces. The Unagi roll is very expensive, 1 piece cost $4, but it is very worth it.

Walked round Orchard Road before going back home.

Got my hands on CS:Source beta, it is really a major improvement over CS 1.6, the engine and physics is cool. I hope it is the beta that cause the lag because when I set everything highest at 1280×1024, it lag a little. Can’t wait for Half-Life 2 that will be out somewhere in September.

Caught Twins Effect 2 at GV Grand, it is a crap movie. Don’t bother watching it, it is not worth the time and the money. It is the lamest Chinese movie I have ever saw. No storyline, just fight and fight. Is like a movie showing off visual effects. Consider it a Chinese movie, the visual effect still not that bad. Totally no linkage with Twins Effect 1 and it disgrace Twins Effect 1.

Life In Tekong
This week will be booking in on Monday because next Saturday will be my field camp and I can’t book out. Learnt IFC this week, completed all my 8 BCCT lessons. Managed to did 2 pull ups and cleared the low rope for SOC. When it comes to SOC with SBO and rifle and it is a different story. Is really shag till I can’t clear the Swing Trainer.

I think field camp is really welfare. We need to pay $10 and we can get a can of drink everyday and on the 5th day of the field camp, we will be having a BBQ. I was very shocked when I heard that from my platoon sergeant.

38 days more to POP.

*Update* Will be back on 28th August 2004.