My platoon commander must be in a good mood yesterday because he give me such a good book in timing. My graduation ceremony will start tomorrow at 2pm, but must be seated by 1pm. He gave us earlier book out with is today at 8pm and book in tomorrow at 8.30pm. Is more than a day off. Weee..

Finally after studying 3 years, I will be getting my piece of paper tomorrow. Really miss those studying days where the only stress comes from exams and projects, life was quite carefree with less worries.

Those were the days.

Had a SOC rundown today, 500m run + clear all obstacles + another 500m run. Managed to clear all except the low wall. Is bloody shag. I think now I can “fly through” the whole SOC without SBO and rifle.

I also notice that there are not much night training towards the end of PTP till middle of BMT.

35 days to POP!